The team



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  • His favorite activity: canoe kayak (instructor during his spare time)
  • His biggest memory: A canoe trip in the “Gorges de l’Ardèche”
  • His biggest fear: That the river is dry
  • His main strength: He lifts 150 kilos bench press
  • His weak point: Not being able to stop eating when he is hungry…
  • What he likes: Drinking a mojito outside after a long day at work
  • What he hates: Losing a game of ping-pong during lunch break


Vivien FAUVE

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  • His favorite activity: Skiing
  • His biggest memory: A 1-hour paragliding flight above Galibier
  • His biggest fear:  Falling into the gully while skiing
  • His main strength: He never gets bored of all the beautiful landscapes of France
  • His weak points: The cruciate ligament in his right knee, the radial head in his right elbow, his right wrist
  • What he likes: Skiing early in the morning with fresh snow
  • What he hates: Bad weather

The Sales team: They will come up with the best activites

The Marketing team: They help you find and book easily an outdoor activity