What is YAKAYGO?

YAKAYGO offers a rich catalogue of various outdoor activities that are all unique and incredible, for any occasion and for everyone.

YAKAGO allows you to choose the best activity which suits your needs, in a simple and easy way. Pictures, customers’ feedback, full description, availability calendar, find out all the important information allowing you to choose the perfect activity and spend days filled with sensations with committed professionals.

Who can use YAKAYGO?

YAKAYGO is a website for anyone looking for sensations, sports, fun or relaxing holidays. 

The activities are accessible for all levels and for all ages. From the ascent of Mont Blanc in solo to the relaxing family cruise, through the canyoning session with friends ... there is something for everyone!

Are the quality and skills of the professionals verified?

The outdoor professionals are all active professionals, they have the necessary qualifications and diplomas to supervise the proposed activities.

  • The services are identical to those offered on site
  • Prices are similar to those offered on site
  • They all have been selected for the quality of their services
Can I call or meet the professional?

Yes! You do have contact details of the professional from the activity sheet. You can contact the professional after booking the activity, if you want more information. Once the booking is validated, the professional may also contact you to give you additional information.

Can I and will I evaluate the professional after the activity?

Yes! And this is one of the benefits of YAKAYGO. The day after the activity took place, we will ask you to comment and evaluate the activity and the professional. It will push everyone to always do their best!

How can I pay the professional?

When booking your activity on yakaygo.com, you will make the payment for order confirmation (Debit Card), the money is then held by a third party. At the end of the activity, if you do not return any incident during the activity, the professional is paid. If you cancel your booking, we will give you a refund in accordance with our cancellation policy.

Can I directly pay to the professional?

You will no longer benefit from the YAKAYGO services, especially our assistance in case of any issues, the certification of the professional and the evaluation of the activity which guarantee you a better quality of service.

Am I guaranteed to have a place for the requested activity?

Yes, if your activity has been paid and your booking has been confirmed by phone or email, by the professional or by us. 

How many places can I book?

You can book the number of places you want, as there are places available for each activity. It is the professional who will confirm the number of people he or she accepts according to the remaining places.

My booking request is refused, what should I do?

The number of available places is defined by the professional, if your request is refused, it is probably because the activity is fully booked. The amount of money committed for the booking will be refunded. We will suggest you another activity from the same type or another available date.

Is it compulsory to book online? 

Booking is required. It guarantees a place for the activity of your dreams! Thanks to the availability calendar on each activity sheet, you can evaluate your chances of obtaining one or more places for the activity.


If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact us!