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Promote your business

Because the staff’ motivation is at the heart of the company’s activities, we have developed a specific offer adapted to business needs. Activities built to motivate and unite but also to retain and reward your staff or partners!

Outdoor activities specialists, YAKAYGO offers a rich and full catalogue of activities, it allows you to book directly online and directly contact the professionals.


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Wide range of choices 

A catalogue regrouping a hundred of different professionals in a dozen of fields of outdoor activities.

Sensational, incredible, high-end and unique experiences


Saving time and money

You are lacking time to organize an outdoor activity trip?

Contact us! We will find you the perfect activity and the ideal professional, all adapted to your budget!

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Motivate your team in a fun way

Surprise your staff with exclusive experiences with qualified and devoted professionals!

Strengthen links with exciting and fun activities for internal challenges or business gifts. 


Innovate in the Marketing operations

Offer an activity to your clients, partners or even suppliers;

For any occasion, you could thank them for their loyalty or for having purchased one of your products.

Animate your network and engage your customers and partners!

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Create a dynamic image

Since your team is the interface between your company and your clients, boosting it means boosting your entire network and improve your image!