Tandem Parachute Jumping at Le Mans - Low Season

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  • Half day

  • 15 years old

  • Accessible to all

  • Yes

  • Le Mans

  • Aéroport Le Mans-Arnage


PHOTOS OR VIDEO - €100.00 incl tax by booking

Description : You will keep an unforgettable memory with 500 pictures or with a Full HD video of 8 minutes.

PHOTOS + VIDEO - €130.00 incl tax by booking

Description : You will keep an unforgettable memory of your jump phases with 500 photos and with a Full HD video of 8 minutes.


Between Paris and Tours, come and experience a unique adrenaline-filled experience with this parachute jump at Le Mans. This will be an opportunity for you to discover this charming city from a whole new angle and can enjoy all its advantages. Finally, you can also share this incredible moment with your loved ones through photos or a video. So don't wait any longer!

Predictable :
  • Sportswear and shoes
  • Medical certificate for 15-year-olds and 50-year-olds
  • Identity card, permit or passport
What is included :
  • Flight equipment
  • Flight goggles
  • Certified tandem monitor
Program of the activity :

- Preparation:
We invite you to Le Mans-Arnage airport for this activity. Once there, you will receive a video briefing with additional information and the presentation of the material.
- Activity:
After being equipped, we will head to the aircraft, which will fly for about 30 minutes. And it is after this plane baptism that you will make the big jump at 3000m altitude. You will experience the joy of free fall for 35s at 200km/h. At an altitude of 1500m, the instructor will trigger the opening of the parachute and enjoy an open sailing ride for 5min.
- Back:
After the instructor has made first contact with the ground, you will land on land with an unforgettable memory in mind.

  • Activity duration : Half day
  • Activity framed : Yes
  • Level : Accessible to all
  • From : 15 years old
Rules and conditions :

availability dates for the 2021 season at Le Mans:
03.04.05 April
April 10, 11
April 23,24.25
01, 02, 07, 08.09, 22, 23.24, 29, and 30 May
18, 19, September
Every weekend in October
01, 06, 07 November

- Maximum weight: 85kg
- Minimum size: 1.30m
- It is advisable to eat before the jump and not consume alcohol.
- Objects such as the camera, mobile phone and camera are strictly prohibited on the plane and during your jump.
- Depending on the weather conditions, the instructor reserves the right to postpone the jump.

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