Tandem jump south of Paris

Category(ies) : Parachute jump



  • Half day

  • 15 years old

  • Accessible to all

  • Yes

  • Vimory

  • Aérodrome de Montargis


Video - €100.00 incl tax by unit

Description : Keep a memorable memory of your jump! 100 € to be paid directly on site.

Pictures + video - €120.00 incl tax by unit

Description : Keep a memorable memory of your jump! 120 € to be paid directly on site.


South of Paris, near Orleans, Laurent and Steve offer you to discover the parachute jump in the Loiret near Orleans south of Paris! After a debriefing, you will climb to a height of 3000 to 3200 meters, you will fly for 30 to 40 seconds of free fall in total freedom. Pleasures, sensations, emotions, memories... will be the watchwords of this incredible adventure! A unique experience to live at least once in your life so take the plunge and jump into the sky!

Predictable :
  • Video immortalization of the jump
  • Sportswear
  • Sneakers
What is included :
  • Coaching by a qualified instructor
  • The material
  • The good mood of the team!
Program of the activity :

- Preparation:
We invite you to the Montargis airfield for this activity. Once there, you will attend a 15-minute briefing on safety rules and the use of the parachute.
- Activity:
We will then go to the plane which will fly about 20 minutes before reaching the jump point. You jump off the plane and test the joys of a free fall of 30 to 40 seconds at 200km/h. A unique moment, indescribable and rich in emotions. At 1500m high, the monitor will trigger the opening of the parachute. It's off to 5 to 6 minutes of sailing, the perfect time to admire the landscape around you.
- Back:
Then it's time to get back to dry land.

  • Activity framed : Yes
  • Level : Accessible to all
  • From : 15 years old
Rules and conditions :

- 85 kg maximum for men, 75 kg for women
- Activity accessible from 15 to 60 years maximum,
- Compulsory medical certificate for minors and over 50 years of age,
- For security and insurance reasons, no tandem passenger customer may take video or other equipment with them during the jump.
- Jump times are likely to be changed depending on the weather. Please let us know what time you want to jump at the time of booking. We will stay in touch with you until the date of the jump to notify you of any changes in location, date or time.

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