Survivor camp near underline

Category(ies) : Survival

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Activity summary

  • day

  • Souligny

  • Accessible to all

  • Yes

  • 1 person(s)

  • 50 person(s)


Survival bag - high quality equipment - €425.00 incl tax by booking

Description : Included items in the backpack : 1 Mini water filtration system 4 Light sticks 1 LED lamp 1 Flashlight 1 First aid kit completed 2 Packs of wipes 2 Survival blankets, 1 portable stove 1 Survival knife 1 Ferrocerium firelighter rod 4 InstaFire fire lights 1 Whistle

Survival Pack - €195.00 incl tax by booking

Description : Included items: 1 Poncho 1 Tent 1 Down 1 Wristband Compass 1 Shovel

Activity Description

Survivor camp

Predictable :
  • Backpack with compass, knife, down, shovel, belt or suspenders gourd
  • Stone fire, replacement outfit, waterproof poncho
  • tent
What is included :
  • Supervised by a qualified and experienced instructor
  • Rations
Program of the activity :

We give you an appointment at the parking lot of the site of MONTAIGU in underline.

  • Activity duration : 2 days
  • From : 15 years old
Rules and conditions :

For minors, the activity is available from 15 years under cover of a medical certificate and accompanied by an adult.
It is required to have a minimum of sports practice and to bring a medical certificate indicating that you are fit for sports practice.

Discover your professional guide for this activity :
Serge A.
Serge A.
  • Qualifications/ certificates : verified
  • Insurance certificate : verified

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