On the scenic trails of the Ecrins Du Plateau d'Emparis in the Ecrins National Park.

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  • 7 days 6 nights

  • 10 years old

  • Accessible to all

  • Yes

  • La Grave

  • Mizoen


The ecrins' scenic trails
Stay on the most beautiful trails of the Ecrins National Park, enjoy the wide panoramas and a superb varied itinerary.
Approaching glaciers, observing mountain wildlife, incredible wide panoramas, sparkling alpine pastures and lakes, tumultuous streams and streams and many other ingredients make up this superb stay for a varied and successful mountain week, under the sun of the High Alps!
Comfort formula: nights in comfortable lodgings and shelters, hotels, followed by luggage.

7 days of walking, 6 nights, 905 euros per person

Predictable :
  • classic hiking equipment.
  • I could help you with that and give you a list of recommended material.
What is included :
  • It includes:
  • - the 7 half-pensions,
  • - picnics from day 2 to day 7,
  • - the transport of luggage,
  • - taxi transport from the Col du Lautaret to the starting point,
  • - taxi transfers, the attendant's fees,
  • - the organisation of the stay.
Program of the activity :

Description of the stay:

Comfort package with luggage tracking, comfortable lodgings and shelters, hotel, 7 days walk, 7 nights

Day 1, appointment at the Lautaret pass around 9am where we leave our vehicles. Transfer to Mizoen by taxi, for the start of the hike.

Lake Lovitel, balcony path above the Chambon, stunning panoramas of the Meije, emblematic summit of the corner! The waterfall of the Pisse: surprising and superb, it is perched in the foothills of the Emparis plateau on which we climb to join the famous G R 54 (Tour de l'Oisans). Climbing the Emparis plateau (comes from "in Paris" because the richness and beauty of this immense alpine pasture reminded us of the grandeur of Paris...). Of tremendous landscape interest, the plateau is protected as a classified site. Magnificent lookout, it is also and above all a vast and rich alpine territory considered one of the best pastures of the Alps.

Unforgettable sunrises and sunsets on the Meije, Rateau and Glaciers of Mont de Lans, Girose, Meije and Tabuchet. Night on the plateau, mountain hut, collective dormitory for the group

1100m, about 4 hours and a minute walk

Day 2: Departure in front of the glaciers of Girose and Mont de Lans, we pass by Lake Lérié and Lac Noir, facing the majestic Meige whose reflections drown in the lakes... An unforgettable stop with stunning views! Think of swimsuits!

200m; - 960m, about 5 hours of walking

Overnight in a charming hamlet, facing the Meije, a privileged and unforgettable setting! Cottage with rooms or small dormitories of 4 to 6 people depending on the available of the moment

or if you prefer we can arrange a taxi transfer to Villard d'Arene to enjoy accommodation with rooms if we don't have enough room at the Chazelet (option with 30 euros/pers).

Day 3, Crossing the perched hamlets, as at the end of the world. Time seems to be suspended here, traditions are still very much present, typical habitats and pastures still well maintained. Domaine du Circaète Jean Leblanc, who often flies over the valley in the morning in search of its prey. The balcony path leads us to the hamlet of Valfroide, then Lake Pontet, before reaching the village of Villar d'Arene.

Or if night at Villar Arena the day before: Loop to the Aiguillon and the small lake of the Pontet from the hotel

600m; - 600m, 5 hours and a half walk

Night in Villard d'Arene, comfortable hotel, double rooms, installation for 2 nights

Day 4, Taxi transfer to La Grave, cable car ride. Climb into a historic gondola! We will now get closer to a mineral and glacial universe. A superb stop at the foot of Queen Meije! We evolve at the foot of the most beautiful peaks of the Ecrins: the Rateau, the Meije, the Bec de l'Homme. Afternoon bucolic in the pastures and larch forests, running along the water to reach our hotel in Villar d'Arene.

- 1100m, 250m, about 5 hours walk

Day 5, We finally enter the heart of the Ecrins National Park, under the glacier of man. This is the world of chamois, marmots, and other local wildlife. The flora is also very rich. Possible round trip to the sources of the Romanche (2143m) where the spectacle on the glacier of the Platte des Lambs as well as on the glacier of Tombe Murée is beautiful. At the end of the day, being in the central area of the park, the chamois are often at the rendezvous ...

645m for the morning, 2 hours and a half of walking, afternoon optional, 2 to 3 hours depending on the motivations!

Night in a comfortable mountain hut; collective rooms of up to 4 people. No luggage tonight! we have to wear the minimum for the night. The high mountain setting will make you forget this slight discomfort...

Day 6: The arsine pass, a marmot paradise! Perhaps a morning departure will give us the opportunity to meet some chamois? A few detours will allow us to discover glacial lakes of all beauties. We can almost touch the ice here! Magnificent descent over the serre-Chevalier valley, along the Arsine Reou and its many opaque lakes of glacial flour, giving surprising tones of colors.

Night in cottage / mountain hotel at Casset , rooms

400m; -900m, about 4 hours and a half walk.

Day 7: Ascent of the Guisane Valley by the Roy Road. A balcony path that allows us to enjoy for this last stage the magnificent views of the Ecrins massif. A beautiful last stop along the water, crossing meadows and pastures, we reach one of the most beautiful passes of the Alps. In front of the Glacier de l'Homme, we finish our circuit!, 4 hours of walking, 545m

We find our vehicles at the Lautaret pass.

End of the circuit and dispersal!

  • Activity duration : 7 days
  • Distance : More than 20 km
  • Activity framed : Yes
  • Level : Accessible to all
  • From : 10 years old
Rules and conditions :

Additional information:

Depending on weather conditions, or other safety requirements, I am the sole judge to cancel or modify the program.

The schedules are given as an indication and calculated for average walkers excluding breaks and time taken for the picnic.

Physical level: A walking tour without technical difficulty, accessible to all, with a minimum of physical condition. Steps of 4 to 5 hours of walking. Small "pluses" will be possible for the fitter, to discover other curiosities, and points of view! The pace of walking is rather slow and regular, the "discovery" aspect being privileged to the sporting aspect. However, a pre-physical preparation will allow you to make the most of your stay.

Accommodations are chosen for their welcome and comfort. These are comfortable lodgings, huts and hotels with double rooms or small dormitories for our group (single room on request, depending on availability and with surcharge).

Baggage transfer: No portage: we walk with only the necessary belongings for the day and the lunchtime picnic. The refuge of Chamoissière, in its high mountain setting, at the gates of the central area of the park, is inaccessible by road, so we will have to wear the minimum to spend the night. The exceptional setting and comfort of this new refuge will make us forget this "light" discomfort!

Food: Dinners and breakfasts are taken in accommodation, half board. The picnics are prepared by me and carried by the group at each stage. The spirit of community and sharing is expected for these moments of sharing and relaxation! Please let me know before you have any diets.

The pluses of the circuit! The Grave region is well known for its unforgettable panoramas of several mythical peaks. It is a paradise for hikers and mountaineers! The Ecrins National Nature Park will allow you to discover the natural environment and its many protected riches. I invite you to discover this region by taking advantage of my knowledge of this massif: with some steps on unknown and superb trails, but also my choices of accommodation and other small "plus" local!

Coaching: I myself, a state-educated accompanist, live in this region and make it discover with pleasure and passion.

Access and parking: appointment and dispersion in Mizoen. We will leave our vehicles in a parking lot in the village.

Documentation, mapping: Top 25 3436ET, Top 25 3335 ET , LIBRIS "Ecrins" map at 1/60,000

Insurance: Each participant must have individual liability and a multi-risk individual warranty to protect themselves from incidents or accidents that may occur before or during the hike or trip. (Assistance - search and rescue costs - sickness). However, I remain covered for the entire professional responsibility group. I can also offer cancellation, assistance and repatriation insurance for 4.8% of the price of the stay. More information on the Insurance page of my nature trails page

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