Horse ride "discovery of fauna and flora" in the Loire

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Activity summary

  • 8: 00

  • Cheverny

  • Accessible to all

  • Yes

  • 4 person(s)

  • 12 person(s)

Activity Description

On the course you will discover the fauna, with a strong focus on toxic plants to horses. The landscape, the proximity of streams, ponds, crops, hedges and forest borders you will meet a wide variety of plants, shrubs and trees. At the bend of a path, you find yourself can be a deer, Hare, deer or deer and the singing of the birds will accompany us on the course!

Predictable :
  • Closed adapted clothing shoes
What is included :
  • The picnic coaching horses and ponies equipment helmets can be lent by the stable.
Program of the activity :

Go to the stables at 9:30 for a coffee reception during which will be recalled, the safety instructions and the course of the day.
Double-ponies and horses are mounted in the English saddle, saddlebags, carpets in pocket or fonts will allow you to take rain jacket, water bottle, camera...
The horses are awarded based on morphology and the level of each rider.
You will make grooming and sellerez and briderez your mount. The morning lasts 2 h 30, followed by a picnic break on table (kir and including wine) then back to the stables by a different route the afternoon which will last about 2:30. Back to 17:30 end of activity at 18.00 after the grooming of end of work.

  • Activity duration : Day
Rules and conditions :

Mandatory helmet respect safety rules and the horses required minimum level is to be uncomfortable in the 3 paces.

Discover your professional guide for this activity :
Valérie M.
Valérie M.
  • Qualifications/ certificates : verified
  • Insurance certificate : verified

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