Hiking in the heart of the Vanoise National Park

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  • 4 days, 3 nights

  • Peisey-Nancroix

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The Tour de la Vallaisonnay, in the heart of vanoise National Park
July 26-30, 2021
Go for a great immersion in nature! From high mountain landscapes to wide pastures, admire and enjoy sparkling mountain lakes, streams and streams. Between majestic peaks and colorful cliffs, you can amazingly observe the local fauna: here we are in the kingdom of marmots, ibexes, chamois and also of the greatest vultures that inhabit these high perched valleys!
Mountain huts, no baggage tracking
A short stay for a big breath of fresh air!

4 days of walking, 3 nights

Predictable :
  • Classic hiking material, contact me for information about it. I could give you a list of recommended material.
What is included :
  • The three half-pensions in shelter,
  • Picnics on days 2, 3 and 4
  • The accompanist's fees, the organisation of the stay

  • It does not include:
  • Drinks, the picnic of day 1.
  • Any additional costs of food, souvenirs or other,
  • Cancellation/repatriation insurance costs
Program of the activity :

The Tour de la Vallaisonnay is a classic hiking circuit in the heart of the Vanoise National Park. We enjoy beautiful varied landscapes, we walk in front of the sparkling glacial peaks, in the middle of areas of alpine pastures still exploited. The fauna is unmissable: marmots, agile ibex, or even the largest raptors, such as the vulture!

We will stop in high-altitude huts with a certain charm and unforgettable atmospheres that will leave you the best memories!

Our itinerary allows us to discover imposing landscapes near the 4000M altitude: we pass at the foot of Mount Rotten, facing the Great Casse, or facing the glacial summit of the Grande Motte! From lakes to rivers, we cross huge areas of pastures still well exploited, and perhaps we can also meet one of the last shepherds cowherd of altitude who will tell us about his incredible craft - passion.

Steps of 3 to 6 hours of walking, between 500m and 1000m of positive gradients per day. No baggage tracking!

Departure, place of appointment in Rosuel at the bottom of the peisey valley.

Day 1 The Lanches - Refuge of Between the Lake: 1520m - 2145m

Meeting in the early afternoon at 2 p.m. at the Rosuel car park, at the end of the road in the Peisey-Nancroix valley.

We begin our hike by going up the Ponthurin torrent, which alternates between long calms, waterfalls, and grassy banks. It's a great first step that allows us to quickly immerse ourselves in the heart of the subject! The refuge is near a large lake: Lac de la Plagne, much appreciated by sinners! Facing the great summit of Mount Rotten, the setting is superb. Team of very nice guards, good food. Cows!

600m; 2:30 a.m. walk

Day 2 Refuge d'Entre le Lac (2145m) - Refuge de la Glière (1996m):

This morning we reach the refuge of the Col du Palet (2550m): after a gentle and pleasant climb through the pastures we pass the Col du Palet (2652m). High-altitude lakes and marmots are on the agenda! Stunning views of the Vanoise massif and further afield. Here the scenery is beautiful! We then descend towards the Champagny valley, towards the refuge of the Glière. Still beautiful landscapes, glacial, but also bucolic, alpine ...

510m; - 670m; About 5 hours walk

Day 3: Refuge de la Glière (1996m) - Refuge Plaisance (2180m)

We continue our descent to reach the Laisonnay (1572m). We are here at the end of the road from Champagny in Vanoise. At the foot of the park's highest peak: the Grande Casse and its 3855m altitude! A beautiful valley at the foot of the imposing peaks of the Vanoise. After a short stop at the Laisonnay, here we are in a beautiful lace-up facing the beautiful peaks of the Vanoise, and the rhythm of the water of the torrent that runs nearby. We reach the refuge of Placentia (2180m) A veritable little nest, superbly located, we can appreciate this original stage by its rusticity and especially its impregnable location in the middle of the ibex.

- 425m; 600m; about 4 hours of walking.

Day 4: Placentia Refuge (2180m) - Sery Plan Pass (2600m) - Les Lanches (1550m)

The day begins with a superb climb to the Sery Plan Pass (2608m). We are here in the world of Bouquetin and marmots! The landscapes are superb: the flora reveals all its richness thanks to very special and rich biotopes. The geology is also spectacular: the rocks are shaped and colored. The break at the sery plan pass is to be savoured, the view here is stunning. We can enjoy a short stop at the entre la Lac hut, on the shores of Lake La Plagne, a beautiful place that seems almost suspended from real time.

We descend to the Rosuel valley by passing the right bank of the Ponthurin. Through the pastures, we will surely still be able to observe some marmots. The glacial summit of Mount Rotten, and the rocky and cut ridges of the Alliet accompany us for this last descent together.

420m / - 1050m, 5 hours walk

Arrival scheduled mid-afternoon - noon, around 4 p.m.

End of the Circuit and dispersal!

Rules and conditions :

Additional information:

Depending on weather conditions, or other safety requirements, I am the sole judge to cancel or modify the program.

The schedules are given as an indication and calculated for average walkers excluding breaks and time taken for the picnic.

Baggage transport: We hike while roaming, without tracking luggage. We have to carry all our belongings from the stay. Good organization and a minimum of weight makes it possible to make the most of the steps. There are no small weight savings in a hiker's bag! Don't hesitate to contact me about it, I can help you!

Accommodation: Accommodations are chosen for their welcome, their location for the tour, and as much as possible, their authentic and local character. The stages are in mountain hut, with collective dormitories. The hosts are organized to welcome hikers with all the necessary measures to the situation of the Covid .

Food: Dinners and breakfasts are taken in accommodation, half board. Picnics are purchased from shelter keepers! Please let me know before you have any diets.

The most of the circuit! The Vanoise National Nature Park is a great must-see destination for hikers! I invite you to discover this region by taking advantage of my knowledge of this massif: with some steps on unknown and superb trails and other small local "pluses"! This circuit is far from the crowds, in the park of the Vanoise, and offers us the unique opportunity to experience the wild mountain. Country of Bouquetin and chamois, we will surely have the opportunity to meet some of them! Not to mention marmots, raptors and other alpine wildlife.

Physical level: Steps of 4 to 6 hours of walking, between 600m and 1000m of positive gradients! No technical difficulties, but good shape will allow you to make the most of your stay. The pace of walking is rather slow and regular, the "discovery" and playful aspect being privileged to the sporting aspect.

Documentation, mapping: "The Map" of the Vanoise National Park (1/60,000).

Access and parking: appointment and dispersion at the Rosuel car park, at the bottom of the Peisey-Nancroix valley. We can leave our vehicles there.

Insurance: Each participant must have individual liability and a multi-risk individual warranty to protect themselves from incidents or accidents that may occur before or during the hike or trip. (Assistance - search and rescue costs - sickness). However, I remain covered for the entire professional responsibility group. I can also offer cancellation, assistance and repatriation insurance for 4.8% of the price of the stay. More information on the Insurance page of my nature trails page

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